The Truth about Lie Detector Test

What is the truth about polygraph testing? Is it really a high technology device that will help us detect fraud and deception? We’re going to discover the truth about lie detector test in order to learn more about it. After all, it is used in job screening process and even in the office when there is an investigation of a theft case.

The myriad reports shared by a lot of people have shown that lie detector test is not really reliable. In other words, we shouldn’t expect perfect results in the process of polygraph testing. In terms of lie detector test uk, many people want to know more about the underlying reasons why polygraph testing isn’t accurate.

Is Polygraph Testing Accurate?

Even though the results of polygraph testing are not 100% accurate, it is considered highly reliable. However, there are factors that make it questionable.

First, lie detector test can be evaded by various ways these days. The primary purpose is to cheat on the system. In most cases, people use sedatives or deodorant to do it.

Second, it is very difficult to measure deception nowadays. Many people even mentioned that there are ways to beat it. In the US and most of Europe, the results of lie detection test are not admissible as evidence in criminal courts. Some experts even said that it has no scientific basis in the first place.

Third, humans have the hard time detecting deception for so long. This statement has circulated the industry for so many years.

However, polygraph testing is still used in screening job applicants and interrogation process of criminal investigation. With all the possibility of using lie detector test for these purposes, a lot of individuals even claimed that they’re expert in using the device. As a result, it has influenced the society to a greater degree.

More about Polygraph Testing

The intricacies of using polygraph testing must not be taken for granted nowadays.  Obviously, it is still used in many public and private institutions to detect dishonesty and deception of the subjects.

We know that the results are based on verbal and non-verbal cues showed off by the subject after answering questions. These factors can only be fully assessed by experts in many fields such as neurobiology, primatology, psychology and more. The people who are experts in the said fields of study can truly detect deception and understand its depth.

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