Villas in Alicante have amazing festivals to enjoy while on your holiday

Alicante is amongst the most beautiful areas in Spain. It has acquired recognition especially because of its sandy beaches together with the breathtaking scenery and landscapes plus let us not forget the fantastic range of villas in Alicante. There are plenty of Villas for sale in Benissa. It is a city that has the potential to offer lasting memories to all visitors who will find it an ideal place for a holiday.

As well as the various sights while you are staying there, this city hosts different occasions throughout the year many of which are worth going to should they fit in with your holiday in Alicante. There are mainly three very important festivals held at different times of the year which are worth attending and seeing during your visit to this attractive city.

Semana Santa is Easter time: a week-long festival that is celebrated on the streets of Alicante. It offers an impressive thirty processions inside the beautiful streets and is quite religious. It is considered the most spectacular festival you can witness in Alicante with huge crowds turning up for the spectacle.

The Fiesta de Moros y Cristianos has special historic importance around villas in Alicante.  It showcases the fights that existed between Christian followers and the Moors especially during the country’s reconquest among Spanish towns which is known as the Reconquista. It is a colourful event that provides you with much ancient history of Spain.

The Hogueras de San Juan is another significant festival in Alicante made up of bonfires particularly lit for the Summer solstice. Huge throngs of people then gather around the bonfires and dance around them. It is a festival this is a classic tradition in Alicante. The dances are interesting and you will have lots of fun being involved in the tradition of the area and learning a few things from the locals.

The festivals in Alicante occur throughout different times of the year. You will, therefore, have to plan your trip to Alicante making sure that it falls within the period that these festivals happen.  It is always nice to want to try something new during your holiday and taking an active part in the festivals might a little spice to your holiday. You will be surprised by the amount you are in a position to take part in the festivals and the opportunity to experience something new and exciting.

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